Why Choosing a Real Estate Agent is the Best Choice

Welcome to 2020 and another great year for Denver real estate! I’m especially excited about all the great trends I’m seeing in the Mile High! Lately, people have asked me about various tools that are meant to simplify the home buying and selling process…but actually end up doing quite the opposite!

As an experienced real estate agent in the Denver area, there’s one decision I’ve seen come back to haunt home sellers and buyers again and again: Choosing to list their home “For Sale by Owner” or work with a digital system without an agent representative.

Real estate is a complex process, and I’ve heard several horror stories from sellers and buyers who chose to go this route, including:

  • Paying for closing costs or other fees that could have been negotiated
  • Being sued for tens of thousands of dollars for failing to disclose an issue with the property
  • Missing out on money by incorrectly pricing the home
  • Being abandoned midway through the transaction without the ability to contact the lender
  • Having to deal with misleading or inaccurate information that costs time and money

I’m here to help you with your real estate transaction every step of the way for wonderful results! Please get in touch with me to discuss any questions you might have about why choosing a real estate agent is the right move!

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